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Why Choose us?

At Ownership Data  because we only focus on prospecting and training, we can help where other data
companies fall short. We provide:

Absentee owner information in Victoria and Queensland,
100% legal prospectable owner information for absentee and resident owners
2019 Verified phone numbers

And with over 10 years experience in providing prospecting data and wealth of industry knowledge and
application, we are the future of prospecting.

Are You 100% ACMA Compliant?

The ACMA is becoming more diligent in following up on complaints from members
of the public who have received phone calls from Real Estate agents. If you don’t
wash your data you are liable for a fine of up to $1.1 Million for breaches of the
Do Not Call Register and also the Spam Act.
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Did you know that it is an offence to ring someone who has simply given you their
name and phone number at an open for inspection!

OwnershipDATA is the only service available today that provides agents with total
guaranteed protection
and conformity with the Do Not Call legislation and washed
data. Click to know more.

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